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Our aim? Have your needs finished at it's best.

If you're good at something, you'll tell everyone
if you're great at something, they'll tell you

You'll reach us on +41 81 558 88 15


A great community at work.

We're proud to be serving Davos, the needs of its workforce and the demands of the companies that use them.


The experience we have accumulated over the years prepares us to meet all your expectations in the corporate event management spectrum. Our formidable team is armed with a bevy of ideas that will match any budget. We ensure smooth working from start to end.


We competently resolve everything from slight glitches to a salesteam meet, an award ceremony or an HR initiative - we will do it all.

We would love to hear about your idea and figure out a time to discuss your project.


The core of our flexibility and success is that we can work together for years with highly skilled and motivated employees, freelancers and corporate partners with enormous expertise. Yes we are good together.

Our team of professionals are passionate about putting the right person in front of you and making a success of more than just fulfilling a job description.


We want to see you succeed and as such we are available to discuss your demands as far into the future as you see fit. We're locally situated but connected worldwide, so get in touch with us soon to address your needs.


Each member of the HRD team lives in Davos. Having played many roles collectively, we understand the unique opportunities and difficulties that exist here in Europe's highest city. 


Feel local access.

We are acutely aware of the importance of larger international events that take place in Davos. None more so the World Economic Forum.


To stage, these events successfully take a large and often skilled workforce. We want you to put on the best show possible. That means the right people are doing the right jobs with minimal fuss. HRD has access to these people, and we're here to support YOU.

Tell us who you need to make it a success and we'll make them available.


A great community at work.

Despite the accessibility of global markets we strive to achieve our goals using everything at our disposal locally before we look further afield.


We're proud to understand the in's and outs of working in Grisons and aim to give as much back to it as possible both socially and economically.

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