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Wir von Human Resources Davos garantieren Ihnen eine spannende, intensive, aber auch hektische Woche mit viel Aufgaben und Präsentationszeit und einem mehr als ordentlichen Lohn. Es wird aber auch eine spannende Erfahrung, eine herausfordernde Zeit, ein hoher Referenzwert für Ihre Karriere in der globalen Veranstaltungswelt sein, die nur wenige Auserwählte erleben.

Weltbekannte Unternehmen aus den unterschiedlichsten Branchen zählen zu unseren Kunden, Menschen, die Sie früher nur aus den Medien kannten, sind sofort mit Ihnen zusammen. Das Unternehmen, das Sie durch Ihre Energie und Präsenz unterstützt, garantiert Ihnen eine bedeutende Rolle, wertschätzt Sie aber auch pünktlich zum Erfolg Ihrer Präsentation hier beim Weltwirtschaftsforum.


Professionals in the building sector, professional in all the work sector. We have projects where we can get you on; we got clients who would like to have something done. We are here to combine your skills, time, knowledge in all the directions needed. Please send us your CV and let us know about your superhero activities

Hosts & Hostesses

Well yes, then you are maybe a great host. Multilingual social skills, an appropriate appearance, ready for some glam as a shiny, happy, decent personality with outstanding good manners in all the situations... 

Waiters, Drivers, Cleaners, Runners

Are you a team player with several skills and a sharp mind. Let us know about that. Because we can offer you a great time with great value on great projects...

Stage Hands

It's about rolling around these cases and all the others that are still in the truck, the storage and behind the curtains. moreover, in these cases you'll find much stuff, from new to old, from fresh to used, tons of lights, speakers, cables and clamps... oh yeah... you roll, sort, mount, climb, and rock'n'roll

Personal Assistants

Are you ready to take much responsibility for your interim Boss, Brand or Project? Please apply with your CV an let us know what your motivation to strike for excellence

Photographers & Editors

it's since always your passion or even profession, let us know about your personal view, your portfolio to shoot with us...

Event Managers & Chefs

It's not just limited to a passion, a task, a situation, a deadline, a schedule, a flavour, an art, a mixture, a blend, an idea. No, it is all of that and much more your entire responsibility that producer, product, consumer and your self-are are highly satisfied with the result... Because you are a master!

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